Before technology advancement began to seemingly accelerate at the speed of light, changes to how business was done were few and far between. But instead of nostalgically reminiscing on ‘simpler times’, let’s explore the current state of play and what it means for New Zealand businesses in 2021.

The changing business landscape

We don’t need to sit here and explain how challenging and trying 2020 was for so many people. At this point it seems like every possible anecdote or metaphor has already been exhausted. BUT, for the purpose of this blog, 2020 was indeed an incredibly re-defining year for businesses and the workplace.

To help stem the spread of COVID, organisations across the country sent their staff home and technology became the driving force for remote productivity and business continuity. Meeting rooms were replaced with virtual conferences, morning team meetings were replaced with instant messaging chat groups, and events became online webinars.

Now although many workers have returned to the office, a proof point for the effectiveness of remote work now exists for business leaders to properly gauge. And moving forward, many organisations will look to adopt a more hybrid approach to work, enabling staff to work freely between the office and home.

To proactively meet these requirements however, secure mobility must become a point of focus.

Mobility lies at the heart of this changing landscape

Giving staff the ability to work from anywhere, at anytime and on any device is not a new phenomenon. For years, the lines between work and personal life have been becoming increasingly blurred. Workers conduct work at all hours of the day while also handling personal matters during business hours.

But as the workplace is reimagined even more so for a hybrid approach to work, staff require the right technology to stay productive no matter when and where they choose to work. They need devices that are light, robust, and powerful. Light enough to easily carry from appointment to meeting, and public transport journey to the home. Robust and powerful enough to run multiple applications, video conference, and execute tasks from anywhere, whether plugged into a power outlet or not, and irrespective of the Wi-Fi connection available.

The HP ProBook 440 G8 Notebook PC powered by 11th Generation Intel® Core™ processors is the perfect business-grade device to suit the modern mobile worker. The compact chassis enables easy mobility from place to place while the available processing power drives performance with significant battery life and high-speed solid-state drives for multitasking.1

But it’s not enough to simply equip staff with a portable device.

There are also security challenges to accommodate

As one of the fastest growing realms of criminality, cyber-crime incidents continue to rise and cause headaches for organisations of all shapes and sizes. HP’s motto that every PC decision is a security decision is indeed true. Threats can come in many forms, from illegitimate phishing emails that seek to harbour people’s personal information, to ransomware and distributed denial of service (DDoS) attacks which block access to critical data sets, to the well-known (but still effective) malware trojans that can infect computer systems. They all pose a threat to your business and need to be taken seriously.

And as our workforce’s become increasingly dispersed amid this changing business landscape, your cyber security measures are even more important than ever. With more and more staff working beyond the protection of your firewall and other precautions, you need security that can go wherever your staff go and protect them regardless of what network they’re working on.

Thankfully, the HP ProBook 440 G8 Notebook PC powered by 11th Generation Intel® Core™ processors comes with commercial grade security features to address such concerns. Leverage security tools such as HP Sure Start Gen5, HP Sure Sense which works to thwart zero-day threats, HP Sure Click to avoid malicious actors on the internet, and HP Privacy Camera to combat any prying eyes.2

Equip yourself for the changing business landscape with HP and Neos

Independent IT solutions provider Neos offers cost-effective assistance for organisations looking to unlock the benefits of a hybrid workplace by offering strategic advice on the hardware, software and management systems for a successful and secure flexible working environment.

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