Subscription based services are spreading like wildfire, from Netflix and Spotify to online gaming services, food delivery and even grooming kits for both men and women. It’s a phenomenon scarcely forgotten in the commercial space, with more and more organisations moving to managed IT services as a stronger means of leveraging their technology environment to the benefit of the organisation.

The Neos team recently came together to analyse and develop an A-Z of everything an organisation needs to know about our managed IT services, so you don’t have to.

A – Allow your team the time to focus on initiatives that grow your bottom line, and add value to your organisations’ unique value proposition.

B – Backup; Cloud Backup from Neos delivers you with an automated system for the backup, storage and protection of your important information, files, documents and applications.

C – CAPEX to OPEX; move from large capital outlays to simple, easy to manage operational expenses on a per-device, per month basis. 

D – Device-as-a-Service; All your devices managed, maintained and patched by Neos under our TMS service.

E – Endpoint devices from our valued partners HP, fully managed by our team of experts to keep you working, and your data safe.

F – Future proof your organisation. The rate of technological advancement is hard to predict, but on a managed service you always have access to the latest technology.

G – Growth; Technology is no longer there to keep the lights on. Leading organisations are using IT to drive differentiation and growth.

H – Help; With Neos you never go without help or assistance. We provide a Help Desk, and strive to provide a level of service that delivers the right solutions and service for your requirements.

I – Infrastructure-as-a-Service; All your infrastructure needs handled by our experts, so you can focus on driving value for your organisation.

J – Job well done;

K – ‘TaKing Care of IT’ encapsulates who Neos is and what we do as a company. It represents the complete trust our clients have in us taking care of their IT environments.

L – Level of technical expertise very few organisations can achieve internally. Lean on our technical specialists with a managed service and gain a level of expertise otherwise unachievable.

M – Management; leverage management across the board of your IT systems, infrastructure and hardware.

N – Network support; Connectivity is critical to the day-to-day operations of every organisation, and network support solidifies its reliability.

O – Ongoing maintenance; under a managed service your systems are continuously monitored to avoid incidents and unwanted downtime.

P – Predictable; With a monthly ‘fixed price per device’ managed service, you pay for what you use and can predictably forecast future expenses.

Q – Quality; On a managed service its quality across the board courtesy of quality technology managed by quality support experts.

R – Reality; you want to access your information anywhere, anytime, from any device connected to the internet. With Neos cloud-based services, it’s your reality.

S – Security; The threat landscape can change by the day. To stay ahead of the risks, it pays to trust a managed services provider with the maintenance and protection of your systems and data.

T – Total Management Service; Neos complete solution for your IT systems and infrastructure on a fixed price per device cost model.

U – Unique requirements. Managed IT services are bespoke and tailored to your individual business goals and requirements.

V – Vendors; Neos works with world-leading hardware and software vendors like HP to keep you running smoothly and at peak performance.

W – We continuously strive to give our customers nothing but the very best advice and service in all situations. 

X – XaaS; Everything-as-a-Service is where managed services are going in the not too distant future.

Y – YES; say yes to managed services.

Z – Zero IT expertise internally? Let your local managed services partner handle the unknown to best leverage your IT ecosystem.

In having Neos provide you with all your IT support, you can have peace of mind knowing that your IT systems are being proactively managed and kept up to date by the best in the industry, with help desk support available to you 24/7.

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