Subscription based services are spreading like wildfire, from Netflix and Spotify to online gaming services, food delivery and even grooming kits for both men and women. It’s a phenomenon scarcely forgotten in the commercial space, with more and more organisations moving to managed IT services as a stronger means of leveraging their technology environment to the benefit of the organisation.

The Neos team recently came together to analyse and develop an A-Z of everything an organisation needs to know about our managed IT services, so you don’t have to.

A – Allow your team the time to focus on initiatives that grow your bottom line, and add value to your organisations’ unique value proposition.

B – Backup; Cloud Backup from Neos delivers you with an automated system for the backup, storage and protection of your important information, files, documents and applications.

C – CAPEX to OPEX; move from large capital outlays to simple, easy to manage operational expenses on a per-device, per month basis. 

D – Device-as-a-Service; All your devices managed, maintained and patched by Neos under our TMS service.

E – Endpoint devices from our valued partners HP, fully managed by our team of experts to keep you working, and your data safe.

F – Future proof your organisation. The rate of technological advancement is hard to predict, but on a managed service you always have access to the latest technology.

G – Growth; Technology is no longer there to keep the lights on. Leading organisations are using IT to drive differentiation and growth.