In this day and age, you want to be able to access your information anywhere, anytime, from any device connected to the internet. With Neos Cloud based services, this is a reality.


A ‘Cloud Server’ is a Virtual Server hosted in a location other than your office and is accessed using the internet. There are many benefits to having a Neos Cloud Server, and with our custom-built data centres based around New Zealand, you can rest assured that you can access your data quickly and securely, without the legal ramifications of having your information hosted offshore.

Another benefit of a Neos Cloud Server include ease of scalability. With your own server on your premises, increasing your Hard Drive space or RAM involves ordering the hardware, waiting for that to arrive, and then the process of getting someone out to your premises to install the new hardware, and configuring all settings. With a Neos Cloud Server, we can literally increase your RAM or Hard Drive space within a matter of minutes with just a few clicks of the button at our end as your requirements change! It’s that easy.

With a Neos Cloud Server, you also no longer need to worry about ongoing maintenance requirements, or having redundancies in place for when you face server and hardware failure. If your server crashes, there can be extensive downtime for your business, with that time offline costing you serious money in loss of staff productivity. The time to resolve can be hindered by hardware needing to be procured and again, someone needing to come onsite to fix the issue. With a Neos Cloud Server, if there is ever an issue, we can get you back up and running in a matter of minutes!

Neos boasts high availability with an uptime of 99.99% for our network and 99.99% for our infrastructure.

The Neos Cloud Servers are running on Enterprise grade equipment, with backup generators in place, 24-hour camera surveillance, firewalls and regular automated backup services. This means you get all the perks of Enterprise features without the hefty price tag that usually comes with this level of infrastructure and system architecture in house.


With Neos, Cloud Backup via an internet connection provides you with an automated system for the backup and storage of your important information, files, documents, and applications such as SQL, Exchange, SharePoint, VMware, Hyper-V and more. At scheduled times throughout the day, your backup is automatically encrypted, transferred and stored in multiple remote locations. This means in the event of a disaster, or if you experience a hardware failure, your valuable information is safe and ready for you when you need it.

Neos’ Cloud Backup is a fully automated service. At scheduled times throughout the day, your data is copied to our data centre based in Wellington. It is then copied in real-time from our Wellington data centre to our Auckland data centre. In the unlikely event of a disaster, your data is safe and easily accessible as it is stored in 3 locations; your computer, our Wellington data centre and our Auckland data centre.

Daily monitoring and automated alerts mean should something go wrong with your backup; the team at Neos will know about it. This gives you peace of mind with the knowledge that when you leave work each day, your data is backed-up safe and secure!


With Hosted Exchange, your email, calendar, contacts and tasks are stored on our Neos Cloud Servers, in a secure data centre. As your information is all kept on our servers, it is synchronised instantly meaning no handling emails more than once, no doubling up on appointments and no forgetting tasks because they were entered into another computer. Benefits also include the reduced risk of losing your information from hardware or software failure.

Collaboration through Hosted Exchange is simple and increases productivity due to the ability to share information instantly and provides you with access anytime, anywhere, from any device connected to the internet. You can share your Outlook with others easily and give different permission levels depending on the required level of access. Give others the ability to manage your calendar, update your contacts list, assign tasks to them, view their inbox and folders and much more.

All your information and data is protected using SSL encryption including virus scanning on all email as well as SPAM and Unsolicited Bulk Emailing (UBE) filtering.


Hosted Antivirus is more than just an Antivirus program; it’s a full internet security software package that not only protects your computer, but is monitored and managed by the Neos technical team daily. With our systems, processes and protocols, if a threat to your system is detected, the Neos technical team will be alerted. Once alerted, they will action the alert and inform you of any issues that may have arisen to make sure you are 100% protected, 100% of the time.

Hosted Antivirus is delivered using ESET Endpoint Software and ensures your endpoint security remains flexible and portable with protection for different locations, operating systems and applications.

ESET Endpoint Security integrates their leading virus and spyware scanning engine, to stop hacker attacks and any network infections spreading. The integrated spam filter reduces the risk of social-engineering and phishing attacks via email.

With cyberattacks increasing at a staggering amount each year, you need to make sure you are protected with the latest Antivirus software which Neos Hosted Antivirus offers.

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