Customer data is the most important asset for many small and medium businesses.

It is closely guarded intellectual property around which competitive advantage is built.

Given the commercially sensitive nature of this information, reputations are closely tied with how it is secured.

A data breach can ruin hard-won reputations and irreparably damage trust, which may never be regained.

A law firm, for example, which is custodian of highly sensitive client information, should be particularly careful, as a major data breach is a disaster from which a firm may never recover

Those small-to-mid size firms that may not have the budget for a dedicated IT professional can’t take data security for granted, because they’re in the sights of hackers.

What are the threats?

They come in many forms, but two prevalent approaches are phishing and social engineering scams.

The worst part can be the feeling of powerlessness that comes with being a victim of an attack, as it’s very difficult for the police to investigate, and there’s often no justice.

So prepare a defence. Do not compromise on the security of your data and IT systems.

The varying approaches taken by hackers call for a holistic approach to system security.

In a phishing case, the scam is as simple as sending a mock login page from a third-party s