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NeoTalk – VoIP Telephone System

In today’s world technology is very complex and the options seem to be endless. Telephone systems are now complex computers and with the internet now able to deliver telephone services, the options have become endless.
The main challenge with telephone systems these days is making sure they are the right fit for your business and deliver not just cost savings and robust calling, but also can converge into your current IT systems to help increase productivity from users.

NeoTalk is a fully scalable business telephone system supporting an unlimited number of extensions and end devices. NeoTalk offers all the traditional PABX functions you would expect, plus a whole lot more, whilst also using the latest in internet techonologies to deliver a low cost, highly robust, full featured telephony system.

All of the NeoTalk systems are built using Voice over Internet Protocol, more commonly known as VoIP system, which provides the latest and greatest in technology features.
With three options, the NeoTalk series delivers fully customisable options whilst being built on a standardised technology base meaning; making changes is simple.


  • Free calling between branch offices.

  • Low monthly line fee.

  • Simple to add or remove extensions as required.

  • You are not restricted to one type of telephone. You can use any IP telephone.

  • No contracts.

  • All traditional features plus more.

  • Use a Soft phone on your computer with a headset.

  • You can have an unlimited number of telephones and extensions.

  • Voicemails delivered to your email inbox.

  • Traditional PBX features warm & cold transfer, conference, on hold, voicemail, DND (do not disturb), call parking, call forwarding, call waiting.

  • Ring Group rings multiple internal or external phones at the same time. For example, a main line can ring on the receptionists’ phone then ring all other phones.

  • Follow Me rings your phones extension, internal or external phone sequentially or at the same time. Allows your calls to reach you wherever you are.

  • Multiple trunks connect your phone system to your current provider as well as a VoIP provider for low cost outbound calls.

  • Call Recording allows you to record conversations automatically or on demand by entering a few digits.


Call Attendant
An optional automated answering service that directs callers to the appropriate person based on their selection. This can assist in directing calls to the appropriate staff member in a more timely fashion.

Voice Mail
This solution includes a voicemail system should which we can configure for you if required.

Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP)
There are a number of benefits available from moving to a VoIP based system. You can easily setup extensions at other locations, such as your home office, and still be part of your office phone system. You can make essentially free calls between branch offices, and there is potential to greatly reduce your calling rates.

Outlook Integration
The phone system and Outlook can interact, enabling calls to be made from Microsoft Outlook contacts by simply right clicking.

Audio Conferencing
Setup your own audio conferences between both internal and external phones.

Call Twinning
Have both your desk phone and your cell phone ring when you have an incoming call, then pick up whichever you choose to answer the call. Great when you are out of the office.

Phone Manager

  • Using Internet Explorer permitted staff will be able to customise their phone. Function buttons can be reprogrammed. Speed dials can be edited, extension names can be changed. Call forwarding can be activated and destination numbers changed.
  • Using industry standard software and best practice processes, combined with skilled IT technicians we deliver peace of mind that your IT systems are running smoothly. It’s that simple!