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With Hosted Exchange your email, calendar, contacts and tasks are stored on our servers, in a secure data centre, and provides you access anytime and from anywhere. You have synchronised access to your Outlook from any internet connected device.

You can share information with colleagues including emails, calendars, contacts, tasks and collaborate to become a more productive team.

As your information is all kept in one location it is synchronised instantly meaning no handling emails more than once, no doubling up on appointments and no forgetting tasks because they were entered on another computer.

Let people know you are out of the office with the automated ‘out of office’ function in Outlook. It’s easy to let people know you’re not in the office or away on vacation.

You can share your Outlook with others easily and give different permissions levels depending on the required level of access. Give others the ability to manage your calendar, update your contacts list, assign tasks to them, view their inbox and folders and much more.

Collaboration through Hosted Exchange is simple and increases productivity due to the ability to share information instantly.


  • New Zealand based data centres meaning your information stays in New Zealand.

  • Increase productivity by sharing your Outlook with others.

  • Get an enterprise grade email and collaboration system without spending many thousands of dollars to setup and maintain it.

  • Synchronised email, calendars, contacts and tasks to your mobile phone.

  • Connect to your Outlook anywhere at any time.

  • SSL encryption protects your information.

  • SPAM / Unsolicited Bulk Emailing (UBE) filtering – Fortinet® Antispam.

  • Virus scanning on all email – Fortinet® Antivirus.
  • Reduce risk of losing your information from hardware or software failure.