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Cloud Backup is a service which provides you with an automated system for the backup and storage of your information (files, photos, documents etc) using the internet.

At scheduled times throughout the day, your backup is encrypted, transferred and stored in a remote location. This means in the event of a disaster your valuable information is safe and ready for you when you need it.

Cloud Backup offers a robust and comprehensive data protection platform for backup and disaster recovery for both physical and virtual environments. Cloud Backup efficiently backs up desktops, laptops, servers and applications such as SQL, Exchange, SharePoint, VMware, Hyper-V and more.

With Cloud Backup your data is fully encrypted using 448bit Encryption before it leaves your computer. Your data is stored securely off-site and is replicated in two separate data centres here in New Zealand for full redundancy.

Neos’ Cloud Backup is fully automated meaning once it’s installed you can just forget about it and let our intelligent software do the rest.

Basically, a small software program is installed on your computer or server which manages the copying of your data to our data centre based in Wellington each day at a scheduled time. Once the data is copied it is then copied in real-time from our Wellington data centre to our Auckland data centre; this is called ‘replication’. This means in the unlikely event of a disaster your data is safe and easily accessible as it is stored in 3 locations; your computer, our Wellington datacentre and our Auckland data centre.

Daily monitoring and automated alerts mean should something go wrong with your backup you will be alerted by one of the Neos team.

Neos’ Cloud Backup is simple to install and does not hog your computer resources.


  • New Zealand based data centres

  • Single solution for all types of backup

  • Backup open files

  • On-the-fly 448bit Encryption

  • No limit on the size of file you can backup

  • Automated backup scheduling

  • Flexible backup retention policies

  • Backup Network and NAS Drives

  • Inbuilt integrity checking

Cloud Backup offers a cross-platform and high performance backup solution that protects your system, data, files and applications in both physical and virtual environments.

Backup Seeding for Large Backup Sets
When a backup set is large and network bandwidth is limited, it could take days for the initial backup to complete. In such cases, backups can be run to a locally attached disk, the disk can then be shipped to the site where the backup server is located and the data can be imported from the disk into the backup server.

Single Solution for all types of backups
Cloud Backup can be your single solution for all your backup needs – may it be backing up Disk Images, your Virtual Machines, Databases, Applications or files. There are no additional plugins or add-ons to install. It all just works out of the box.

Bare Metal Backup and Restore (BMR) with P2V
Cloud Backup BMR capabilities provide you with the complete solution to efficiently do point in time restore of the entire machine. Cloud Backup supports image backup of specific volumes or an entire disk. The backup image (VHD) can also be instantaneously booted up as a Hyper-V virtual machine. Online Backup also supports conversion of the backup image into a VMware Virtual image (VMDK).

Backs up changed blocks alone
Cloud Backup Intelli-Delta technology makes sure that only changed blocks of the modified files are backed up during incremental backups.

Continue where it left off
Within a file backup, Cloud Backup keeps track at the block level of data that has been already uploaded. In the case of an interruption in the connectivity to the backup server, Cloud Backup automatically resumes its backup exactly from where it left off once the connectivity to the backup server is established.

Inbuilt integrity check
Cloud Backup data integrity check makes sure that the data is stored exactly as it left the source machine that is backed up. If the integrity checks fail due to data corruption during the transfer of data, Cloud Backup makes sure the data is transmitted.

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