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Hosted Antivirus is more than just an Antivirus program, it’s a full internet security software package that not only protects your computer but is monitored and managed by the Neos technical team on a daily basis. This means should any of your computers be out-of-date or a threat is detected the Neos technical team will be alerted. Once alerted they will action the alert and inform you of any issues that may have arisen to make sure you are 100% protected, 100% of the time.

Hosted Antivirus is delivered using ESET Endpoint Software and ensures your endpoint security remains flexible and portable with protection for different locations, operating systems and applications that let you operate and compete successfully in a connected world.


ESET Endpoint Security integrates ESET NOD32 Antivirus’s leading virus and spyware scanning engine, with a bi-directional firewall to stop hacker attacks and also any network infections spreading. The integrated spam filter reduces the risk of social-engineering and phishing attacks via email.


Easy on Your System

Our products are designed to be highly effective with minimal system overhead and also easy to use and manage.

Remote Administration

We can remotely apply policies, monitor detections and configure remote endpoints from any networked computer.


Easy on Your System
High scanning speed and small system footprint ensures your endpoints’ performance is kept at their best while delivering maximum protection.

Protection from the Unknown
The proven ThreatSense scanning engine uses proactive protection combining malware signatures, generic signatures, code analysis, and code emulation for unparalleled performance and detection power.

Removable Media Scanning
Ensures that all files stored on USB thumb and external drives don’t pose a threat, especially those launched automatically.

Encrypted Communication Scanning
Thoroughly scans the content of secure HTTPS and POP3S protocols, and compressed files to uncover stealthy malware.

State-of-the-art diagnostic tool for Windows operating systems that provides snapshots of key system parameters from processes to registry keys to simplify diagnostics and troubleshooting capabilities.

Self Defence
Integrated technology prevents malicious software from corrupting or disabling your computer’s protection.

Creates bootable system recovery media that helps eliminate hard-to-remove forms of malware, which speeds recovery of systems.